Why you should still wear a face mask

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The pandemic changed our lives. But it isn’t over yet and people starting to ignore the fact that millions of people are still suffering, even dying, because of COVID. It’s just too soon.

Update on Wed, 8 Jun:

I hope people won’t find this post to be offensive. That’s not my intent. I’m certain you know what I’m getting at. Please, wear a face mask in public places. Thank you.

People in Hong Kong are just ignorant and selfish. They want to jump right back into all kinds of entertainment, or social gatherings without any caution. More than 200 people died a day because of the virus like a month or so ago. It’s all over the news and people have already forgotten about that, completely.

In Hong Kong, we’ve been wearing a face mask in public places since February 2020. If I remember correctly, it’s during Lunar New Year. I admit that’s a very long time. Too fucking long.

“Because the virus cases dropped, it’s getting better.” “Why are you stopping me to have fun?”

You’ve all the rights and don’t need anyone’s permission to have fun. Because you’ve “free will“ and are so “independent” that won’t bow to any kind of authority.

Do you think you’re safe because you’re fully vaccinated? Do you think you can take off your face mask because you’ve already got infected so that you’re immune?

In Asian country like Japan, people tends to voluntarily wear a face mask when they’re feeling unwell or “very likely to get sick”. We share similar “customs” here. This is happening every day in Hong Kong way before COVID hits.

People just want to get back to their normal life so badly. But seems to forget it isn’t over yet. We’ve a short term memory and we never learn.

We wear a face mask not because we “obey“. Not because we’re “following orders”. No one asked.

Wearing a face mask isn’t about protecting yourself, dumbass. It’s about others—your family, friends, or strangers, won’t get infected because of you. Yes, you. It’s about compassion, and politeness.

Not that I’m trying to ask you to do anything nor do I want to lecture anyone. I’m in no position to do that. But you know what to do already, didn’t you?

Everyone knows.

We wear a face mask because it’s common sense.

Let’s be absolutely clear: this is not an opinion.

Because it’s still, the right thing to do.

This is #Day14 of #100DaysToOffload.