I hope my ramblings won’t hurt your eyes if you read on.

Hello there. I’m a stranger to you but here you are. I write things. I think of things. This is a notebook for me to jot down my thoughts.

I write all sorts of things. I’d like to see how far I can get. To go all in, holds nothing back. “Witness me”, every step of the way.

Things that I love: Design, Typography, Branding, Indie Web, HTML & CSS, Movies, Video Games, Sci-Fi, Books, Anime and Manga.


Blog Post

If you have anything to say or want a discussion, please let me know.

You can reach me via Email: [email protected] PGP Key


  1. General

    Grand Escape

    Immerse myself in visual entertainment

  2. General

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    Some people hide their talents from others

  3. Design Editing

    Bury your old stuff away

    This is kind of my clutter-cleaning

  4. Film

    Watched Bullet Train

    Karma is a bitch


  1. Video Game

    First Impression: Xenoblade 3

    JRPG fan’s dream come true

  2. General

    Make it loud, or else

    People care only about what they care

  3. General

    Hakuna Matata

    Thanks for stopping by

  4. Film

    Watched Decision to Leave

    Many ways of killing husbands

  5. Opinions

    War. War never changes

    My opinions on War

  6. Anime

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    A Cruel Angel’s Thesis

  7. General

    Vintage Eyeglasses and Caesar-Flip

    Put on your shades

  8. General

    Plan B

    Glass Half Full

  9. Code Editing

    Creating moods for blog posts

    A tribute to the Pop Art Movement

  10. Anime

    Upcoming Anime I look forward to

    A Fulltime Otaku Series

  11. Film

    Watched Broker

    A film about baby trafficking

  12. Opinions

    What’s wrong with our world?

    My opinions on gun violence

  13. Music

    Eyes on Me

    A song by Faye Wong

  14. General

    Typhoon and treasures of the Forbidden City

    I bid you farewell

  15. Video Game

    First Impression: Playing Eastward

    An indie retro pixel art style action-adventure RPG

  16. Thoughts

    Says one thing, does another

    People don’t like being told what to do


  1. Film

    Watched Uncharted

    Holy crab! It was quite a ride!

  2. Thoughts

    A Question of Price

    Your dignity is for sale

  3. General

    12K Steps a Day Challenge

    How I’m going to tackle the goal

  4. General

    Netflix Addiction

    About my experience with Netflix

  5. General

    Reader View and Speech in iOS

    Reading articles and hearing them

  6. Thoughts

    Ideal and the Real

    Let’s remember

  7. Thoughts

    I want to go offline

    Less distraction

  8. Code

    Some improvements for this site

    Semantics and accessibility

  9. Thoughts

    Make a small difference

    It’s worth trying

  10. Personal

    Never Fade Away

    I remember

  11. Personal

    Extra Ordinary

    What’s it like to be ordinary

  12. Personal

    Like Strangers, Perfect Pretenders

    Not like in the movies

  13. Thoughts

    Why you should still wear a face mask

    You probably should

  14. General

    Let’s Walk Everyday

    Keep walking

  15. Video Game

    My Switch Game Collection

    I prefer physical copies

  16. Film

    Watched Top Gun: Maverick

    A nice weekend blockbuster

  17. General

    About Procrastination

    Just want to relax for a bit


  1. Film

    Watched The Batman

    A very good crime movie

  2. Design Editing

    The original “FURY” branding project

    Look what I’ve done

  3. Thoughts

    Less Screen Time

    Stay away from screens

  4. Thoughts

    Do your own thing

    Make it happen

  5. Thoughts

    Apple should fix the Torch shortcut on iPhone lock screen

    Just fix it

  6. Thoughts

    Buy less and make it last

    Buy what you need, not what you want

  7. Video Game

    Why I like playing RPGs

    In short, narrative and character matters.

  8. General

    Learning new tools

    Time to stop using PhotoShop or illustrator

  9. Film

    Things I've watched last year

    A small list of movies and TV shows

  10. General

    Write short posts and write faster

    Joining the challenge


  1. Code Editing

    My primitive setup for this Static Blog

    Setting up my site and publish blog posts

  2. General Editing

    This is my Online Presence

    Everyone should make their own websites

  3. Personal

    A look back on my Journey in Design

    A short bio about myself

  4. Video Game Draft

    [Draft]Cyberpunk 2077—a wild adventure in Night City

    A short review of the game


  1. Manga

    An introduction to Manwa—Hong Kong Comics

    A short intro to HK Manwa

  2. Video Game

    Spirit of Rebellion—Persona 5 Royal

    A critique of the game, sorta

  3. Anime

    A short review of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

    A short review of the anime series

  4. Case Study

    Building an Web App that no one asked for

    A case study on CatPaper


  1. Reading Draft

    [Draft]Book summary of The Witcher Saga: Blood of Elves

    A short summary of the book

  2. Video Game

    A look back on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

    A video game that I’ve played over the years

  3. Typography

    CSS and East Asian typographic elements

    Experimenting CSS

  4. Video Game

    A Retrospective on Sora no Kiseki and Trails series

    My high-school gaming life


  1. General

    Some thoughts and updates

    I talk about blogging

  2. Web Design

    Designing in the Open

    Designing and coding for my personal website




  1. General

    This is What I Have to Do

    My new year goal