Sometimes, you’ve to make some noise—if you want to be heard.

This is my home, a personal website. I once considered myself a designer. But now, more like an interested amateur in design.

I write what I love. The site is a on-going project on its own and the content here is all that I can offer, nothing more. Read this post to learn how I build this site.

Please be aware sometimes I rant, maybe yell, or shout at a lot of things. I swear when I gets angry. But I won’t bite, for that I can promise you.

This is me

I’m Jw. I’m interested in Design, Typography, Branding, Indie Web, HTML & CSS, Movies, Video Games, Sci-Fi, Books, Anime and Manga. This is a place for me to document my thoughts as well as to share things. Hopefully, my attitude won’t scare you away.

To be frank, I’m always pissed at almost everything, hence the domain name fury.hk. This site kind of speaks for itself. At least I’m trying—less angry and to better myself.

#FueledbyFury. Everything that I did always has a bit of anger in it. I’m afraid that’s me. I couldn’t change it but hoping it might ignite creativity, who knows?

Sometimes, doing anything is better than doing nothing. So, what the fuck have you done lately?

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